Plantar Fasciitis

Do you have pain on the bottom of your foot? Does your foot hurt when getting out of bed or after walking and standing for long periods? This program was designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and will teach you the best exercises for alleviating pain coming from the fascia and muscles in the arch of the foot.


Plantar fasciopathy (PF) is the most common cause of inferior heel pain and occurs in sedentary and active individuals. The pain most commonly occurs at the front of the heel where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone (calcaneus).

Symptoms are typically sharp in nature and present after initially standing in the morning, after prolonged standing or when returning to standing after being seated for some time. PF is more common in runners and overweight individuals and can be associated with other factors like arch type, lower quarter strength and overall ankle and foot mobility.

If you have pain on the sole of your foot, this program will help decrease pain and improve your overall function.

Disclaimer: Dr. Tom Walters and Rehab Science recommend that you speak with your doctor or physical therapist before participating in this rehab program.  The videos in this program are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  No information in the program videos is to be taken as medical or health advice.  You agree, upon purchase, to release Dr. Tom Walters and Rehab Science of any and all liability and responsibility from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries, or damages. You agree to use this program at your own risk.  Seek medical advice if you have any concerns about your individual needs.

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