Neck Pain

Do you have pain in the muscles of your neck? Is your neck stiff? Do you get headaches? This program was designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and will teach you the best exercises for alleviating pain and stiffness coming from the joints and muscles of the neck.


There are numerous muscles involved in controlling the neck, but, for some reason, many exercise programs neglect this region of the body. Adding a few simple exercises, like the ones found in this program, may help reduce symptoms you are currently experiencing and/or work to prevent future neck problems.

Previous research has shown that neck pain can alter the way in which these muscles function and, potentially, predispose one to future neck pain episodes. Like many pain problems, the story is complex and not totally clear on the relationship between the activity of these muscles and pain. However, some patients do report less neck pain and fewer episodes of future pain when implementing exercises that address these muscles.

In some individuals with neck pain, a number of changes to the surrounding musculature have been documented and can be broadly classified as either changes to physical structure (atrophy, fatty infiltration, fiber type) or behavior (timing and level of recruitment). It is hypothesized that specific neuromuscular training programs for the neck may work to reduce pain by creating the necessary stimuli to eliminate the negative adaptations that have occurred secondary to pain and/or injury.

If you are experiencing neck pain, this program will help reduce pain and improve your overall function.

Disclaimer: Dr. Tom Walters and Rehab Science recommend that you speak with your doctor or physical therapist before participating in this rehab program.  The videos in this program are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  No information in the program videos is to be taken as medical or health advice.  You agree, upon purchase, to release Dr. Tom Walters and Rehab Science of any and all liability and responsibility from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries, or damages. You agree to use this program at your own risk.  Seek medical advice if you have any concerns about your individual needs.


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