Hip Bursitis & Gluteal Tendinopathy

Do you have pain on the outside of your hip? Does your pain get worse when you sleep on your side or when walking or using stairs? This program was designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and will teach you the best exercises for alleviating pain due to irritation of the muscles, tendons and bursa on the outside of the hip.


Although pain in the lateral hip region is commonly believed to be secondary to irritation of the trochanteric bursa, only 20% of cases are actually thought to represent true bursitis. In the majority of cases, pain is thought to be associated with dysfunction of the gluteus medius and minimus muscles and their respective tendons.

According to recent research, individuals without tenderness over the greater trochanter (bone on the outside of the hip) are unlikely to have gluteal tendinopathy. Risk factors include: female gender (4:1 female to male ratio), high body-mass index (BMI), excessive hip adduction, weak gluteal muscles and a rapid increase in plyometric load.

If you have pain on the outside of your hip, this program will teach you exercises that will strengthen your gluteal muscles and their tendons, reduce pain and improve your overall function.

Disclaimer: Dr. Tom Walters and Rehab Science recommend that you speak with your doctor or physical therapist before participating in this rehab program.  The videos in this program are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  No information in the program videos is to be taken as medical or health advice.  You agree, upon purchase, to release Dr. Tom Walters and Rehab Science of any and all liability and responsibility from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries, or damages. You agree to use this program at your own risk.  Seek medical advice if you have any concerns about your individual needs.


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